Kidney Tranplant Needed! Can you help? The Stranger

Imagine this!
There is a stranger,
a good Samaritan,
a loving spirit that wants to help.
I am speechless!

I have a friend named Catherine that is in need of a kidney transplant. She has been on lists for this procedure for quite a long while and is scheduled to begin dialysis this next week. All her friends have sent an email to everyone on their mailing list and I posted about it on my blog, k*rtsy, and anywhere else that I could get my foot in the door. That was several month ago. I had not thought about the possibility that someone might even volunteer for quite a while.

The day before yesterday an email came my way. It was from a young woman, the mother of a 2 year old and the wife of a kidney transplant recipient. She would like to donate her kidney to my friend. My heart skipped a beat!

Did you know that there are 74,000 people waiting for transplants? According to Kidney and Urologic Disease Statistic Information Clearing House there were almost 18,000 transplants done in the United States in 2005. In the best of all scenarios the chances of finding an ideal match, a willing donor or a deceased donor are so slim that winning the lottery seems more likely. So we keep our eyes on those 18,000 success stories and hope.

I didn’t expect to be telling this story…not this week and maybe not ever. Just imagine…a stranger is willing to try. She has the courage to send the email and make the effort. What more can I say. Humans never cease to amaze me.



9 thoughts on “Kidney Tranplant Needed! Can you help? The Stranger

  1. a beautiful lesson in humanity. to be of help to a fellow stranger in that capacity is the ultimate selfless and loving act this person can do for your friend. how fortunate for your friend and i hope this wonderful, amazing stranger turns out to be an ideal match for your friend. thanks for posting this barbara, it is nice to read stories every so often.

  2. A protracted ugly election season and an economy collapsing under greed has left me a bit down about the condition of the human heart. It is uplifting to know that selflessness and compassion still exist, likely in great abundance.

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