Chapter XV…The Last Waltz

I had the last waltz with you
Two lonely people together
I fell in love with you
The last waltz should last forever

They had danced the waltz the first time they met. The words to the song did not tell their story but the melody held their memories. They had danced as one for so many years that they had both lost count. She knew that the day would come when they could only stand, holding each other. The soft touch of their hands would keep time to those beautiful, sad words.

So it was that the crowd stood looking on, grateful for all the years. Magic hung in the air. They knew no age. Youthful eyes watched in wonder as the couple danced the last waltz together. The light blurred and time stood still. One more dance before they walked away.


November 23, 1960…The day we were married!
We will celebrate today 48 years together.
The story is poignant…we are far from this place but we see it each time we go dancing in The Waiting Room for Heaven.


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