My Friend Carole…stories!

My friend Carole…. A sentence beginning with those three words will surely lead to a story.

Dear God, she said, please let the food be good!

Carole, we say, do you think that God is taking care of this kitchen?

Well, I certainly hope so. We’re really hungry!

Carole/Ken and friends on their 20th wedding anniversary.

My friend Carole gives control of her life over to God…a lot. Kitchens, golf courses and traffic are in the hands of a higher being.

Carole/Ken looking good after Carole posed Ken carefully (note arm on branch…kind of…and crossed legs…sort of!)

She has opinions and her husband Ken is privy to all of those. Well, actually, we are all privy to them. The ones I have learned to love are many. She hates fiber in a box but loves peanut butter on crackers. The thrift store has everything…all you need to do is dust a little and it will be fine. She loves even people that drive her crazy. “Oh no, I could never do that!” means just exactly that. Don’t ask again. She won’t do it ever.

She has a wonderful way of greeting new acquaintance. She will say, Where do you live? We want you to move near to us. It still amazes me that a gypsy camp has not been set up outside our resort…I am sure Carole has invited them.

When she talks about her other home, the one far away from the Arizona one, she refers to her little river cottage. Grandchildren and friends have come to view it as a play ground. She has all the toys to prove it. I have never been there but I want to go. I am afraid they will sell it and I won’t see it with my very own eyes.

I have promised Carole that, when I win the lottery, I will buy her a new set of clubs. We both know it will never happen. If it did, it would probably ruin her game so I just don’t buy tickets. She is using dead people’s golf clubs. She really is!!! Her handicap is 23 so I think that the former owner watches over her golf game and helps with her score. She celebrates and cusses depending on the lie and the putt. Carole gloats (she says) and we all would agree. But that smile….how could you not love that smile.

My friend Carole….sigh!!!



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