The Book…The Rope Walk The Movie…Quantum of Solace

Dinner in our recreation room. It was the beginning of a very busy weekend!

I know you have heard me say this before…I loved this book. When I was teaching children I said that before I read them any book. They came to believe that I truly did love every book I read. Not true but still I did want them to think it was.

When I read The Rope Walk by Carrie Brown I was simply carried away by the words and did not want to skip a single one. Brown did a beautiful job of climbing inside the skin of a ten year old girl and a boy of about the same age that had been taken in by her family. The twist of the story is so smooth and absolutely believable that I fell in love with children and ached for their good intentions and flawed outcomes. Theo, the little boy in the story, reminded me so of those beautiful, excited children that jump from this to that without breaking the beat. The little boy was so full of imagination, fantasy and hard cold reality I wanted to take him home and love him. Alice, the heroine of the story, learned to love him too and began to think that she could not live without him in her family. She had lived her life without a mother in a house full of lively mischievous brothers and an absent minded professor for a father.

This is a recommended read and would be a wonderful gift for a teen girl or boy. (I just wish the cover did not feature the little girl. I think boys would find it to be a put off. )

We saw the latest James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, last night and I will have to admit I loved it. The action was so fast and furious it felt frenetic at times but Daniel Craig was so perfectly restrained. (The ultimate CHICK FLICK!!! :))

Then I went to see the American Girl movie here in our recreation room, “Kit Kettridge” is a movie written for children. The story that has enough depth to carry an adult along too. I am thinking of getting it for my granddaughter. I have not read the books.

It is Saturday night. It has been a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a second turkey dinner with friends this afternoon. I could not believe we were sitting outside on their porch in the afternoon of November 29th. I do love Arizona!

Be well.



2 thoughts on “The Book…The Rope Walk The Movie…Quantum of Solace

  1. i went to see quantum of solace this past weekend myself. i have not seen a bond movie in AGES! did not think i would enjoy it as much. i was blown away by the action; it was unbelievable. and, daniel craig – *sigh* – what else can i say?

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