Kidney Transplant…donation’s only!

Santa Fe, NM

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naive: having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information; credulous: She’s so naive she believes everything she reads.

donation: (see end of post)

Good Golly Miss Molly…am I just naive or do I use less words than I need? It would seem that I did not use enough of them when I wrote the post asking for a “donation” of a kidney for my friend Kate.

I did not know that people, both young and not so young, are willing to “sell off” extra body parts. Can you believe that there would be people willing to, say, give away an ear or an eye? Me either! We could live a long, healthy life without either one of these. Are there people willing to sell them? I don’t know! But what I do know NOW is that people are indeed willing to sell a kidney. For the rich and famous people needing a kidney, this is very good news. Send me an email and I MIGHT have just the right person for you…on second thought please don’t do that! Get your own blog and see who come out of cyberspace to help you.

For you see, my friend does not have any extra money…she is living in a world of hard work and generosity. She has enough for perfect match surgery with a donor. If she would to go to Mayo Clinic where they could do a non-match procedure it would require the insurance company to become a “preferred-provider” at that facility. She is waiting for that approval.

So when two different men contacted me with the idea that a kidney could be sold, I was just blown away. I’m sorry if there was a misunderstanding. There is a difference between “for sale” and donation. Widipedia defines donation as:

…a gift given, typically to a cause or/and for charitable purposes. A donation may take various forms, including cash, services, new or used goods as i.e. clothing, toys, food, vehicles, emergency or humanitarian aid items, and can also relate to medical care needs as i.e. blood or organs for transplant. Charitable gifts of goods or services are also called gifts in kind.

I am so grateful for those people that have understood and stepped forward. These people are not matches but they have been willing to go into a bank of people that would donate a kidney to another person so that Katie’s name could move up the list of people to receive a kidney that will match.

The disclaimer should have said:

There will not be any personal gain for you in this donation. There are risks to your health. Expenses for this procedure are not defined by me and you will need to discuss this with the recipient and her family. Do not contact me if you want to sell your kidney. It is not possible in this particular case.

You will probably need to live in the United States. Kate is registered on the recipient list in Arizona and Washington.

To those of you that have considered doing this for Katie or anyone else whose life is threatened, thank you, thank you, thank you.



One thought on “Kidney Transplant…donation’s only!

  1. girl,, people will sell anything there is a buyer for… sorry it worked out this way,, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least….still hoping your friend finds a match… i have hepatitis so i am not an organ donor or i would be willing to help,,,there is one out there… we just need to reach the right persoan,, thats all……

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