Heath Ledger and Matilda’s of Espanola, NM

I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around this Internet thing. You write a story–lets say to get something off your chest. Then you publish it on a place called blogger or (dare I say) typepad or wordpress. Eight to twelve month go by. And if you actually have a life, you forget it.

Because you are a lot compulsive, you subscribe to Feedjit so you can keep track of who is reading your words. People read or don’t read, depending on what you have to say or how well you say it. You plant a garden and shop for green beans. Then one day, for no apparent reason, a whole lot of people from another part of the world, read that old post. They are from England, Germany, etc. So how does that work? Where did they suddenly get the idea to read my blog? What were they looking for?

That is exactly what happened this week. My blog was cruising along at a snails pace because I have not posted regularly for almost 2 month. (I would explain but I am assuming that you do not care even a little bit!) Then out of the blue a number of people from a website visited a post I wrote in November of 2007 called Matilda’s of Espanola, NM. Now here is the weird, cosmic part. . . the part where I begin to explain. It was because of Heath Ledger. You remember. He was the gorgeous young man that starred in Broke Back Mountain. He died of an accidental over dose on January 22, 2008 and a large group of people began posting to a web site called Heath Heathens Ledger News and Discussion. I don’t know if an obsession about this young man is a good thing but the web site is still very popular after all these months. It seems that someone posted a photo of Ledger in a Matilda’s Restaurant t-shirt. A reader pointed out that Matilda’s Cafe was a real place and gave my link as evidence of it’s existence.

How did I find all this out? Well, here is the wonderful thing about services like Feedjit . Not only does it give me the live feed information, I can also go to the statistics page and find out where people are connecting from, click on that information and , wa la, there I am looking at, in this case, a picture of the late Heath Ledger wearing a Matilda’s t-shirt and the link to my website.

I would never in a millions years have thought that Heath Ledger would ever figure into my life. But then Matilda’s does have a certain magic about it. I found that out the next day when I ran into a young man in Santa Fe. . .the grandson of the man that financed Matilda and her husband in their business venture when it began all those many years ago. That post was called Santa Fe’s Canyon Road+Matilda’s Part II.

Do I begin to comprehend the Internet? Not in a million years. Only 5000 days ago it did not even exist. I’ll need a lot more time than that. It does not really matter. It is just flat out amazing!



2 thoughts on “Heath Ledger and Matilda’s of Espanola, NM

  1. I was going to say the same thing about Matilda being Heath Ledger’s daughter. She’s a cutie and looks just like him. I still can’t get my mind wrapped around the fact that he is gone. If you never saw The Dark Knight, then I think you couldn’t even begin to understand this new rage fans have about him. He was brilliant in it. Simply brilliant. And his death was so untimely tragic.But whatever the reason for this new traffic, good for you! The internet is an interesting and, sometimes, scary thing, huh?If I don’t get to come back before Christmas, have a wonderful one B.((hugs))Rebecca

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