Sunday Scribblings…Late

Braden, born March 20, 2008
Newest member of the cousins club!


In honor of those that wait for planes, trains and automobiles this time of year, I dedicate this whole week! Really! We are having the worst weather in about 5 years here in Portland, Oregon. We are getting ready to head out to the airport to pick up our son that is flying in from China. It is going to snow inches today and (I must confess) the car we are using does not have chains. Don’t tell anyone please!

An update from Portland…all flights canceled. Maddie and her mom and dad and
Amelia are stuck in San Fransisco. They are gong to the Westin and sleeping for a big long time and they will be in tomorrow night…LATE!!!! The weather forecast says rain by noon tomorrow. Keep your collective fingers crossed for us!

The last time it was like this we made three, no make that four trips to the airport to get our son, his wife and our baby granddaughter, Maddie, off to Saudi Arabia. It turns out you cannot take your time getting back to a job in Saudi Arabia because the kings just gets ticked! My son was not up for making the king mad so he brow beat Lufthansa into giving them tickets when they were making others stay in hotels and sleep in the airport. Ice covered the world for three days and it was the worst weather I have ever, ever seen. But then, everyone that lives where it snows has a horror story. We laughed and huddled around the dinner table eating and finishing off a bottle of wine. I actually loved every minute of it.

Now my son has two girls and lives in China. His mother in law is here in town and we are taking her car to the airport. My husband will drive. We will hope that it works out okay. Trucks are required to wear chains so that will keep us safer…sorta. So if you hear we are in jail or worse, don’t worry. We will fine! Christmas is coming and it is all worth it.

Cousins Club 2008

As long as Santa understands that under no circumstances can he be late. Maddie is already a little suspicious of the big guy and we need for her to have a wonderful Christmas

The beginning of a family build a hug and completed! 2008
Merry Christmas from our house to yours!



7 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings…Late

  1. We are here visiting in Port Townsend, Washington in the midst of the same snow and ice waiting for word that Granddaughter Anna, arrived in the U.S.A. yesterday from a semester in England, has finally taken off from JFK after hours of delay. At they receive her call (and allowing time for the flight) son Otto and wife Kristin will drive over icy roads to Seattle to collect her in the wee hours of the morning. We are ALMOST snowed in. Not quite.Hope the cousins all have a great time for Christmas!

  2. Oh, good luck! North Idaho here with about four feet of snow – emergency conditions. Granddaughter driving here from Seattle tomorrow, weather permitting. Ah, it’s sure a wild year. Happy holidays – lovely post!

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