1st Annual Meeting of the Cousins Club

Table set for the
Cousins Club

Tomorrow my husband and I will host the 1st annual meeting of “The Cousins Club“. Since my husband is the oldest, a male and most wise of the group he will pass along the baton of leadership to his first grandson Connor Joseph Torris. Connor is now sixteen. Connor has agreed to be president for life! We are hoping that he will be up to the job.

The object of the Cousins Club is 1) to promote world peace, 2) to provide snacks for every family gathering from now until the end of time and 3) to get good grades and graduate from an institute of higher learning in order to make the senior members proud and give them something to brag about. (Because they don’t know the rules yet, we will not make them provide munchies this Christmas. We do however, still expect good grades. Next Christmas we are expecting even greater things.)

Membership in the Cousins Club includes:
Junior Members:
Connor Joseph Torris age 16
Samual Ryan Torris age 9
Madeline Anna Torris age 5
Amelia Mabel Torris age 1
Elena Hormann age 11
Ethan Hormann age 15
Alysia Torris age 17
Kyanna Torris age 16
Alexis Hull age 13
Brayden David Torris age 9 months

Membership is not closed. New arrivals will be welcomed.

Senior Members include:

Honorary Members include:
Dottie (in-law)
Darlene (in-law)

The Cousins Club will be seated at a table with a formal setting. Parents will be serving dinner. Adults will eat on the floor in the living room. (I do not own that many chairs!)

Menu includes;

Condiments ( pickles, olives, fresh vegetables)
Bread and dip
Standing Rib roast made into sandwiches
Green beans cooked with bacon
Roasted potatoes
Baked apples with cool whip.

Everyone will be seated at 6:20 pm. Babies will sit in high chairs. Pictures will be taken throughout the evening.

It all looks really good on paper. I will post pictures so you can see what it looks like in real life.



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