Aging Philosophy…An Ordinary Day

A friend told me yesterday that she wanted to die on an ordinary day. She didn’t want it to be Christmas or even the holidays. Anytime of year that is holy will not work for her either. It could be that she is afraid that she would only be remembered for the day she left. She just wanted to die in that time when everything is normal, an ordinary day.

The thought has been on my mind all day. An ordinary day, one just like all the others. Sunny, warm, with friends all around and those that we love going about their normal lives. I think it is a wish worth having. You might even say a prayer asking your maker to let you go on a day that is not special or note-worthy.

I need to let you know that my friends are not ordinary nor is any day with them in it. They bring life and light to each and every day. My family knows all about them and would invite them to all our family functions if we lived closer in our real life.

It may be that we will live forever waiting for a plain day with no celebration or laughter. That is the kind of people I call my friends.

Happy Birthday Mary. We all love you.



2 thoughts on “Aging Philosophy…An Ordinary Day

  1. i can understand this. I can certainly understand your friend Mary’s words. I’m at home today…..mucho, mucho snow outside…so I finally have some time to catch up here with my blog friends….

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