The Pilgrimage…to sleep without dreaming!

Sunday Scribblings

I dream in words…there are not pictures that I can recall. Only words that describe the emotions I feel or the names of the people I am seeking. Each dream is a pilgrimage of sort, a seeking for the meaning in life or the reason for longing. I follow the words to the end and then I wake.

Last night’s pilgrimage took me through the need to complete a task I started…was it all that many years ago? It was preying on my mind in words that did not bring rest or comfort. I woke with a start, feeling the need to move to finish what needed to be done. Will serenity fill the hours when the job is done? It is what I would wish for you…peace at the end of the day. An eventide filled with bliss and joy. A task completed, a mission fulfilled. The pilgrimage could then come to an end and not be stopped abruptly as it is so many times in our dreams. You could then sleep without the need to dream. And so could I.



5 thoughts on “The Pilgrimage…to sleep without dreaming!

  1. What an interesting take on the prompt! However the beautiful photo belies the statement that you dream in only words, not in pictures. As I get older I enjoy dreams more and more – dreams in which I can run across a summer meadow on legs that at my age no longer run. I would hate to give up dreams in favor of dreamless sleep! I agree with you about word verification. I have never felt a need for it.Sleep well!

  2. I asked a man not so many years ago if he dreamed of playing the perfect game of baseball. He suffered with muscular dystrophy and had beena professional baseball player. My heart ached for his loss. He, on the other hand was so grateful for what he could still do. It was wonderful lesson in life for me. Thank you for the comments.b

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