What do you miss?

I hear people talking all the time about what they miss. “I miss my grandchildren” (I really do miss mine) or “I miss my bed” or “I miss eating at…..” Isn’t it interesting that we miss the things that we intentionally or unintentionally left behind? We all just need to get over it I think…but how? Actually, if I could change one thing it would be that we could live more in the moment and quit bemoaning what is gone. What is it you miss?

For those of you that are at home, working and taking care of a family, time might be what you miss. The time to read or snuggle with your mate. For me it is an entirely different thing.

When my husband and I retired he moved all the silverware to the far end of kitchen. It made sense to him and was more ergonomically correct…he said. I missed my silverware drawer in that place I had it until we moved quite a while later. If I had a nickle for every time I opened the wrong drawer…well you know how it goes. That was over 11 years ago. I just need to let it go!

We moved one time and did not buy the moving company insurance and depended on our home owners policy…we even called the company and they said it would be okay. Well the movers managed to break most of my fine china. The insurance company would not pay (they did have their reasons!). While the moving company did give us a break on the move the things they broke could not be replaced, at least in my mind. That was almost eight years ago. I still reach for my Frostoria goblets at Thanksgiving time. My china cabinet will never be the same and I miss my china! You are probably saying…buy more china Barbara, get over it! I am trying, really.

I miss my old sweatshirt with the holes in the sleeves. It was wonderfully soft and fit just right. It had no shape and dropped straight from my shoulders to almost my knees. I loved that old thing. Unfortunately it was white and I painted in it. I couldn’t even answer the door in it any more so it finally was thrown away. I miss that old thing a lot.

I miss my youth and my old car and my house with the trees in the back yard that were mere twigs when we planted them. I miss fattening food and tons of pasta. I miss people but not so much as I should. It really is a character flaw I’m sure but as Popeye said “I am what I am!”

So what do you miss? Don’t miss the opportunity to make a list of 8 things you miss and why. Then maybe we can all move on! Let change that one thing, the thing we miss and replace it with what we are accomplishing today. I know I need to. Leave a link here. And we will all move on.

Have a great weekend.



6 thoughts on “What do you miss?

  1. Well, at least I didn’t ‘miss’ finding you. My blog is often frivolous but I do enjoy contemplative writing. My 8 things?1. Not having to see Time shrinking.2. My babies because I never chronicled them.3. England. But only the England of village greens, churches, cottages, pubs and lots of chintz.4. South Africa. Because it was so scenic and diverse.5. Old friends. Because they are so far away.6. That dress I threw out because I always need it a year later.7.My life in amateur theatre. I now fear forgetting lines.8. The ‘Possibilities’ Because as I age there are fewer and soon there will be none.

  2. Am so glad you left the above comment. I seriously thought about doing the list of 8 things, but then ran into a brick wall. I don’t equate missing something with not being able to let go and move on. My father died 22 years ago, and I will always miss his physical presence, his laughter, and his stories. To me, that means I am still alive and capable of accepting the losses from my life. Elizabeth

  3. I loved your comments. I too miss my parents and other loved ones. I guess the china was a part of them. Be well. For Rinky Rhimes I have to say that the possibilities are always there. It is so much better to have begun that to wish. At my age I am always wondering if what I set out to do can actually be accomplished. Then I think “what’s the worst that can happen?” I will admit though that I hope I never find out! :)b

  4. Barbara,I left a nice, big comment last night and lost it all! I was on my iphone and it just booted me out. I didn’t even bother to try again. But now I am on my computer, so here goes:This post resonated with me. Well, we miss certain things because it brings us memories or connections to people we love or it brings us comfort. We miss certain people because we have a special place in our hearts for them and our hearts dictate our lives. There is nothing we can do about this, nor would I want to.However, I agree we can dispense with other stuff that we tag as “missed” but if we were to really think about, do we really? Buddhism states that we should become unattached to things so we can lead happier lives. On the most part, it makes sense, yet I find it is easier said than done. I think we just become accustomed, comfortable, expectant…..complacent? These are the hardest.

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