Sunday Rambling…Aretha Franklins’s Hat, Books, Waiting Room News and More

Sunday Ramblings
January (something), 2009
(you will have to forgive me…I am retired!)


Sunday Scribblings prompt this week: Phantoms and Shadows

I don’t see any, not even one. I loved the quote from my calendar yesterday. It said “Look for the gift in everything, especially when you are faced with what appears to be a negative situation….” (THE SECRET) Phantoms and Shadows are worries about things that might happen. I prefer to worry about things ONCE, when they happen! Then I will take those worries and turn them into an opportunity or a lesson in life. But then that is just me.


Did I tell you I loved Aretha Franklin’s hat? Well I did. I thought it was gutsy and gorgeous. I truly did want one just like it. She wore it like a crown…as well she should. After all doesn’t the queen of soul deserve a crown. Thank you Ms. Franklin for arriving dressed for the inauguration in such a stunning hat. You were an amazing presence at this event!


I finished reading a book called Sarah’s Keys this last week. The story line for the book is based on a reporters discovery of a terrible secret about her husbands family. As a result of research being done on a particular roundup of Jews in Paris called the VelHiv in July of 1942, she becomes obsessed with what happened to a little girl named Sarah. The book mixes present day discoveries and lives with the story of Sarah and her family during that period of time. The complicity of the French people and authorities during the German occupation was an underlying theme in the book and actually startled me. I did know about this but still we forget about the countries and their people that were altered by that horrible period of time.

The book was not a 10 in anyway but still it was a good read. You might try it out.


Bocce ball competition is going full bore here. We talk about it more than you would think! It seems that there are two camps in this game…those that laugh and visit while trying to play a serious game and those that don’t laugh and try to play a serious game. In that arena of competition we are not sure who is winning. I am in the laughing camp…signs are being written as we speak about how to behave on the Bocce ball court. I am expecting them any day now. I will keep you posted.

Score: Laughing-2

The weather is sketchy.
The park is absolutely stuffed.
Seen on a napkin at Wild Wings: “I’ll listen…if you talk about me!” 🙂

Have a great week.


Note: I have written a couple of other posts on the other two blogs. You might check them out.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Rambling…Aretha Franklins’s Hat, Books, Waiting Room News and More

  1. i have to say i think the rule posting part would get on my nerves,, but i know when my gran lived in the senior apartment complex they had and enforced more rules than i knew it was possible to live by!!!!! i guess everyone wants their shot at being the boss at least once huh??

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