RV Park Fun…neener, neener to the Party Poops!

The Waiting Room is very quiet this morning. Frost will lurk for the next few days and the residents are filing out of their nests to pottery classes, ballroom dancing or morning coffee. The Pickle Ball Court only saw two players this morning. In the northwest we would take this day to clean drawers or pay the bills. But as we grow older and less vigorous, more frivolous activities call our name.

The Waiting Room comes alive as the sun sets!

In answer to my question “Can you have fun in RV parks/55+ communities?” that I posed the other day in the blog, I will have to answer “yes”. The “party poops” have moved on to ruin someone elses fun…but not before they had a ‘major‘ problem in their 5th Wheel. Not my fault!!!!  Still it was kind of fun to watch. They had told the neighbors that they were bothered by all those crazy people jumping up and down in the street. Of course, they did not recognize a dance, failed to mention that it was 8 o’clock in the evening or that the noisy dance music lasted for less than 5 minutes. Sigh!

Flowers in front of our Park Model.

In the Waiting Room, rumors fly at the speed of light. Everyone is sure we are crazy so I don’t think a rumor or two will hurt much.  Have a great day and remember “Fun is only a street dance away!” b

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