Sports…don’t get us started!

Take me out to the ball game….well maybe not!
Tucson Electric Park 2007

Did you intend to invite my opinion? I am going to go with YES. In a week of sports bad news it seems only fitting that “Sports” would be our prompt today. And yes I do have an opinion. Don’t you?

I personally think we should leave Micheal Phelps alone. That does not mean that he should not be prosecuted and sentenced to his 30 days in jail. That mean I think that the press is just plain nuts anymore. I think they should report the facts. How hard could that be? So this is what I think should happen. Are you ready? Okay here goes….Michael Phelps, turn yourself in to Sheriff Leon Lott, tell him you are guilty, take your medicine (no pun intended) and make a success out of the rest of your life. The publicity seeking SHERIFF is about to make your life unbearable and everyone you have ever know just plain miserable. Can you tell, the whole thing actually makes be furious! Tired…of athletes in pro sports taking drugs, tired…of government interference in dispensing of drugs…like marijuana…to cancer patients. Tired! Tired! Tired!

For good sakes people, what part of illegal don’t you get? In a week that had Alex Rodriguez confess guilty to taking steroids following our other home run heroes, I am so disillusioned It does not really matter what your opinion on legalization of marijuana or steriods or growth hormones is at all. Until the law is changed don’t do that!!! PERIOD.



8 thoughts on “Sports…don’t get us started!

  1. if the media didn’t cause it to be necessary for them to become super human beings,, i do not think that the urge to be so over the top would be there,, and thus minimize the taking of steroids…i for on expect that they are all on it in some form or another,, and when they prove to me one isn’t,, i’ll save my surprise for then….

  2. Thank you so much for your comments. I am still wondering what the federal government has to do with professional sports. Don’t they have better things to do…there are laws that regulate drugs and that sort of thing. If lawmakers want to make sports enhancing drugs unlawful that might be a choice but I think they had better examine the ramifications in the practice of medicine. It would appear to me that sports should regulate themselves and we should choose or not choose to support them! After all, it is all about the money!!!b

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