Sunday Ramblings…hearing aids????

Ethel, did you tell the waitress I don’t want any sauce on my meat. You did? Oh good, I couldn’t hear what you said!

I know what a child hears when we talk. For example, if you were to say “Don’t eat the Valentine Candies. They are for your Father.” They would hear “blah, blah,blah, eat the candies, blah blah, they are for you…” I don’t really know why I told you that but it just popped into my head.

Oh, now I remember. A group of women were talking about the about the fact that our husbands or any older man for that matter, does not hear a thing. I don’t know what the story is for other old guys but my husband has been hard of hearing since his days in the Navy when he worked on jet engines without protection for his ears. I have lived with him for almost 49 years and it took me at least 45 of those years to realize that he was not ignoring me. He just didn’t hear most of what I said and did not want to admit it. He knew that I would repeat what I said if it were really important. Well, I admit, I would repeat it whether he heard it or not. I talk a lot!

So you should be around this crowd now! Holy Cow, it is just amazing. Every joke you have ever heard about deaf people is coming to life in real time. One guy says “How are you?” and the other old guy answers “2 o’clock!” I know it sounds impossible but really…this is the truth.

That would lead you to believe that all these men would be wearing hearing aids. Sonus or some other hearing aid company should be making big bucks. Right? Not on your life. They truly like the quiet and the fact that their wives or significant other can talk, talk, talk and they are not required to answer because they cannot hear a thing. The wife of course is partly to blame…at least in their world. We have to face them at all times so they can read our lips, repeat waitress questions, and generally become a walking hearing aid in a dress! If we aren’t up for doing those things then we must take responsibility for their not hearing what is going on. In my house at least we do not have any guns! And let me tell you it is a very good thing.

Good love their little peaked heads…the truth is if they didn’t make us laugh and if we did not love them we would simply have to…well you know the rest!

Have a great week! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Sunday Ramblings…hearing aids????

  1. Barbara,I was here over the weekend trying to leave a message from my phone but, alas, it kicked me out of your page and I waited until I was at my computer to post you the message again.First and foremost, thank you so much dear heart for adding me to your technorati favorites! I’m so honored. And, I am very happy that you are enjoying the music over at my place….Second…hard of hearing, huh? Well, at least there is an excuse here. My husband has none except for the fact that his is selective. SELECTIVE! Many a conversations go like this:HE: why didn’t you tell me this?ME: I did.HE: no, you didn’t. when?ME: (insert when)HE: no, you never told me.ME: yes, I did.HE: no you didn’t.ME: yes I did.and so on and so on and so on… it never ends. I give up and just yes him to death now….it’s easier =)good post!

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