Pub Songs and Wellie Wanging…fellow bloggers show me the way!

Please listen to the very end. This is a beautiful pub song.

In his blog about the British lifestyle, Keith over at Keith’s Ramblings can make the best of any situation…even sports. Ramble on over an find out about “Wellie Wanging“. This is a sport that involves throwing Wellington Boots through the air. Who knew such a thing even existed. I love it. Rosey Posey has given us a look at her “sporting life” and found herself wanting. But she certainly make me smile. These two bloggers are friends so I don’t read one without reading the other. Their are, I think, pub friends. Hopefully they know every pub song ever written. I am so envious.

We had a dance here in the Waiting Room on Saturday night. Valentine’s Day is big here in the states. Hallmark is our main man in this celebration and it is our job to support the greeting card industry. I love Hallmark. For me Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday!

But the fun didn’t start on that night until the band packed up their gear and headed home. They were kind of mediocre anyway. AND it was only 9:30 pm. What is it with these people and their need to get to bed so early? So we were sitting and visiting when our friends from Canada/Scotland/Ireland came over to chat. One thing let to another and before we knew it we were being treated to a bit of a pub song fest. Oh how envious I was of their repertoire and beautiful lilting voices. We do not sing on purpose in the USA. You see we are descended from Puritans. We sing in church and maybe mouth the words at a concert but we don’t even sing our national anthem at the top of our lungs like we should. What a shame that is. We really need pub song lessons and to let go of our fear of making a fool of ourselves in public…or committing a sin! Actually, for our group, that ship has sailed…long, long ago.

Have a beautiful song filled day. Greetings from The Waiting Room for Heaven.



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