Happy Birthday Earl!~

L-R Earl, Carole, Eddy
2009 Valentine’s Day

Today is my husband 71st birthday. Yup, you heard me right! Can that possibly be? If you did not tell me that this man was in his seventies I would never guess it. Of course, as with all men he just looks more and more distinguished which I find to be totally unfair. When I turn 71 I will look like a 150 year old crone! But, I always remind him, I am much, much, much younger than he…then I usually smirk or something.

Anyway, we will play boccie ball this afternoon and then go out for pub food this evening…with a coupon. My husband loves a coupon more than anyone! We always spend as much as we would usually spend but at least we get a little more bang for our buck!!! He thinks that is perfect.

We are not going out at 4:30 pm in order to miss the crowd or get the senior citizen special though. I just cannot even think about the time when we will do that. It is just plane depressing! Getting old is bad enough but eating at 4:30 pm is just awful. No wonder old people’s stomachs are always upset…no stomach wants a big meal at that time of day.

So here is to 71 years and many, many more. We are two very lucky people. Celebrate with us!



One thought on “Happy Birthday Earl!~

  1. when ever i read posts like this from you it makes me long to have someone to spend my “golden years” with.. i cannot see that happening,, but even that doesn’t stop a girl from wishing…..

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