When the Hero Writes the Story!

Sometimes we just need to trust the author of a book with a story where everything turns out good. I think I have found part of the solution that will keep the reader safe in that trust.

We were having a discussion about books this evening at our gathering for cocktails. I was remembering The Places Between written by Rory Stewart about a hike he had made across Afghanistan. I was commenting about how Stewart had started on this journey to complete his travels through that region with nothing more than the well wishes of a governor. He basically had very little money, no food and really not even the good will of the people. AND he made the journey in the winter. In order to eat he depended mostly on the charity of the people. It was a very hostile and uncomfortable time for him. He did survive amazingly.

That was when my friend that doesn’t like too much excitement, not even in movies, commented that she did not like books where the main character died. Well I don’t either! But stuff happens you know and even in books the hero occasionally doesn’t make it. I have tried to convince my family to read books that illustrate the strength of the human spirit and they have told me that they cannot stand any more “human spirit books” at least not for a while. Evidently they don’t like the hero to die either. Sigh!

It was because of this conversation that it occurred to me that if you or I don’t want the hero to die in our books, we always need to read a book WRITTEN by the hero…we know he survives because…well he is writing the story! Wouldn’t you agree?

See you later… I am coming up on 10,000 readers sometime this week. I am so excited!



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