Sunday Ramblings/Scribbling…A week lost but not forgotten!

I don’t know what has happened to the last week. It was not a lost week…we were so busy that I can’t remember what we did on one day or the next. I write in fits and starts, forgetting the day or the time. Fiction will be on my mind when I begin and as soon as I begin the idea is gone.

Fits and Starts:


me: Where are you going?
teen: Out
me: Who will you be with?
teen: my friends
me: what will you be doing?
teen: Nothing.
me: When will you be back?
teen: Later.
me: (making the sign of the cross) God bless you my son. (sigh)


The girl loved a party so much. Well we should say she loved the idea of a party. She had never ever been to a real party with gifts and cake. But she had read stories about children that rode ponies and laughed at clowns in a backyard with a tent. Dreaming was a girls privilege so at least no one could tell her not to dream about a party.

On the day she decided to have a party in her backyard the clothes line became the tent and the dolls she had collected were the guests. An imaginary pony pranced around the tree and a small tea pot with flowers poured pretend tea into the broken cup. She laughed at the clown doll when he told a story about a cat and a dog. The clown was really quite good she thought and his magic was much better than anything she had ever dreamed of. Yes, she decided a party with a clown and a pony was a very good idea. She did love it as much as she thought she would.

Letter from The Waiting Room

Dear family,

I know you must get tired of hearing about my friends but I just can’t help telling you anyways. Carole, Ken and your dad and I went golfing yesterday. The weather was warm, the grass was green and we were happy to have be able (monetarily and physically) to play golf. Life is good.

I asked Carole if I should color my hear again. It has turned an odd shade of blond/gray in the Arizona sun and I look in the mirror wondering who that is. When friends gather, they make comments on it and it made me feel uncertain. But then it is the real me, right? So I asked what she thought. She looked very closely and told me it looked better than she had ever seen it. It did made me feel better.

Then I went on to explain to her that I was needing to blend in these days. Don’t ask me why. I generally have that need to be in front, in charge, in the spot light. But not these days. I wanted to be quiet and listen. I turned to look at her and then I realized she had no idea what I was talking about. The expression on her face told me I must have three heads. Carole has never, never, never wanted to blend in. It was then I stopped and said “You have no idea what I am talking about do you?” “Oh my gosh,” she said, “Are you just nuts. I don’t understand that at all.”

So that is the way my life goes. I went to Phoenix with Mary last Saturday. We visited with her daughter-in-law and year old grandchild from North Carolina. We sat on the lawn as the baby had her first taste of real grass. Mary removed one shoe and the baby held that one leg in the air for the rest of the afternoon. When both shoes were removed she tried hold both in the air then tipped over. She was content with the one leg act for the rest of the time. We laughed and lolled on the warm ground until it was time to come back to Tucson. It was wonderful.

I played golf with three men on Monday or Tuesday. (I’m sorry but I just can’t remember which day and it hurts my brain to try to remember.) Golfing with three men is hard for me…very good for me…but hard. They hit the ball once for every two times for me. They wanted to keep my score…or my gosh that was a nightmare. They don’t like my grousing about this and that. I am not playing with them until I am in a better mood. I can’t laugh at myself right now.

We took my son’s mother-in-law out for dinner for her upcoming birthday. Leo’s is a restaurant she has gone to forever. Leo greets her and gives her a hug when she comes in the door. Dottie has so many friends it is fun to be with her. It was a wonderful evening.

I cooked for all our friends on Wednesday. Everyone golfs on that day so I created a meal of roasted vegetable, vegetarian burgers, beans and cookies. It was Ash Wednesday so Carole came to eat with her ash on her forehead…hence the no meat meal. Those of us that did not observe that restriction ate meat! We are good supporter of others but we are not very good followers! We like meat!

Then the eight of us played one game of bocce ball. We had played two games last week and were tied when we had to quit for the day. Carole, Ken, Earl and I needed to be finished off…and we were! But we gave them a good run for their money. Our team only needed one ball to win when the opposing teams scored with all four balls winning by one. None of us like to lose but we are good winners and losers. We laughed lots and had a quiet after dinner drink before we all separated for the evening.

Friday night we drove to Green Valley for dinner and dancing. It was absolutely lovely. I could give you all the details but I will let you have a pretend party all your own…you add your own dolls and clowns. Then just put me in a supporting role. Remember, I need to blend in and listen for a while.

So that is what makes up the lost week. As with most lost things, it is not that they did not exist but simply that we cannot remember where or what they are.

I love you all. Have a wonderful week.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Ramblings/Scribbling…A week lost but not forgotten!

  1. retirement is not having to wear a watch all the time and having six saturdays and a sunday every week – for me all the days just meld together and i have little recall regarding what i did on which day, and that feels alright – as long as the cats get fed every day i think i’ve done my chores – i’ve learned to blend in pretty well and i like that too – your post is great — i enjoyed the carefree jottings about a week lost but all those memories that will stay!!!

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