The Waiting Room for Heaven Meme: AGING!

The Waiting Room for Heaven
at sunset

Clay and Jan
friends from
The Waiting Room for Heaven

Did I tell you how much I love Sunday Scribblings. For two weeks in a row it seems as though they had ME in mind. It could not be possible but I like to dream.

AGING is the prompt this week. Well let me tell you, I am the resident expert on aging…just look where I spend my winters!

I have a few profound(?) truths for you…a meme of sorts but with no requirement on your part to join in. It is a simple WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY:

Who: Who are aging people? We are the young that want to be older, the young that want to be younger, the old that act very old and the old that don’t believe the mirror and act what ever age they feel like.

What: What do aging people do? Those that are young and want to be older act like an older sister or friend. The young that want to be younger dress like their teen aged daughters and flirt with the mailman. The old that act very old dress in practical shoes, quit laughing at jokes and get really grouchy! The old that act very young dress in bright colors, take care of their bodies and remain active….always!

When: When do we begin aging? When we decide to!!! People that talk about being half through with their life at 40 don’t realize that it is up to them. I live like there is no tomorrow but truly expect there to be more life than I actually will want!

Where: Where do you find that aging is not so much a situation as it is a state of mind? In today’s society. Those of us that escape to places like The Waiting Room for Heaven hang out with people our own age. We do not see each other in terms of how old we are. We only see how we are! We don’t allow our children to visit too often…we all know they wouldn’t understand our behavior…and we don’t care!

Why: Why do we even think about how old we are? I don’t know…it seems to me that we would forget how old we were if we didn’t remind ourselves to act our age!

So there you go. You will find other aging stories and commentaries in the post labels. Take a look around.

AND have a wonderful day!



11 thoughts on “The Waiting Room for Heaven Meme: AGING!

  1. oh how i enjoyed this! you have a great attitude! I would like to believe I am GOING to be.. the old who act young!Bright colors and active! VEry nice take on the prompt!

  2. Thank you all! I might add as a foot note the money does not need to be a factor. Living simply is a very good thing. As for health…well we do what we can do!!!b

  3. We think about it because we’re forced to, by the increasing creaks and groans of our physical bodies. What we should do is – as you say – live each day to the full, regardless of how much time we think we may have left. I’m guilty of not doing that.But it’s a fact that none of us know when our time will come. Some die young and healthy. Some linger on through all kinds of physical problems. Ageing is natural, that’s for sure, providing you live long enough!

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