Celebration Time Come On!!!!

Bill and his beautiful wife Virginia

We are celebrating our friend’s 78 birthday this next week. He is kind of wounded right now. A bicycle got the better of him when he was out on a road ride on the Old Spanish Trail. He was on his way home from the Saguaro National Park. Traffic had picked up on that afternoon and he lost his balance when he glanced back at an oncoming car. That road is very narrow and busy at times.

Isn’t that just amazing? I read on various blogs about people dreading 30 or 40 years of being alive…they say they feel old… and this guy is road riding at 78. For those of us that get up in the morning and hop on our bikes, life is a tad bit risky. I have a tiny bike I ride only in the park. We know though that not doing it is a much greater risk. We know that our health both mental and physical is dependent on us taking risks and trying hard tasks each and every day.

The year my father had his first heart attack and had to miss two months of work he had me buy math books…college math books. He did not get to go to college so he just decided that he would spend that time recuperating learning to solve difficult problems. What a role model he was.

So a celebration of one order or the other can happen each and every day…some of us just celebrate that fact that we are on the right side of the grass. Others of us celebrate risk taking and 78th birthdays.

Happy Birthday Bill!

Have a wonderful week.



9 thoughts on “Celebration Time Come On!!!!

  1. What a lovely looking couple! I admire his commitment to a mode of transportation that is ecologically more sound than that polluting automobile – although at times it’s hard for the bicyclist to compete with autos on the road. Happy birthday to Bill!BTW I love the dragon in the heading to your blog. I tend to love all dragons!

  2. How wonderful! I hope Bill continues his rides.Yes, I’m a bit cautious of taking a bike in the middle of the city, but even worse than that is the slopes in this part where I live, so I have to use it only in specific places, like you.

  3. Our mid-seventies neighbour is like your friend – he’s only just stopped riding a tandem with his wife on the roads. He still runs a ballroom dancing club. Good to hear that your friend is only ‘wounded’! I hope he’ll be back to riding again soon. :)Your father was a great role model. We should all try never to stop learning.

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