Commentary on Tech Crunch article: Revolution Money Raises Another $42 Million For Alternative Payment Service Nobody Is Using

Revolution Money Raises Another $42 Million For Alternative Payment Service Nobody Is Using TECH CRUNCH, APRIL 8, 2009

I love this web site…just off beat enough to cover things that you won’t find everywhere!


Yesterday I was reading an article on Tech Crunch about Revolution Credit Card services. It seems the company has an unusually large amount of money to use for it’s alternative payment service but does not have people lining up to use it. The terms seem to be very friendly with one restriction…$2500 is all a user can withdrawn every month. After reading the comments you can see than some application problems have arisen and the $2500 limit has some people that want to leave Pay Pal stymied. I am not an economist so I don’t pretend to understand all the ramification of the card seller’s policies…I may not have this right at all. But I do understand that if you don’t advertise somewhere other than a website you might not get a lot of business. The Internet is just too big and mysterious. And they don’t do much advertising! I might add that some very big companies accept their credit card. It is, in fact, very usable.

So their question was “Is the cards failure to get big hits on it’s website a result of poor advertising?” I don’t know…I just found it interesting that small businesses were not lining up when credit cannot be found for short-term uses. Not a big deal for me but just interesting.


But here is the weird part. After I read the Tech Crunch article, I decided to connect with the link on my Typepad account but I could not make the connection. Share This said they could not connect with the server…what ever that means. So I put it on this Blogger account. I do not normally write about this sort of thing here but I was going out and rushed to the decision, left to play golf without finishing the job. I somehow did not visualize the link appearing on the website directly in my mind. I had intended to add a commentary on the other blog and look here for the link information. Not so. The link appeared, unsupervised by me. Left unsupervised, it seems that links can do wonderfully strange things. With no input from me on the subject and a title directly from Tech Crunch, I had 249 hits. Now I am a small time blogger…I don’t make any money for the time I spend here. I just satisfy a need to talk about stuff. I learn a lot while I am writing. I have NEVER had that many hits in a day. It appears that if I would just keep posting links and not say a word, I could draw in many people every day. WOW!!! (I am assuming that there are many people that do just that…I just never saw myself in that role.)

So there you go. Weird Internet happening here on Barbara’s Travels…at home in the world! Obviously a parallel universe.


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