Falling off my bike…laughing at myself!!!

Okay, I hate to admit it. I fell off my bicycle…I was unharmed and I fell like a ballerina (I think)!! It seems that sometimes my body does not do what I want. Sigh! It is not a sign of my age though. (You did not see that coming did you?) I have always fallen off bicycles, tripped over bumps and stumbled into doorways. It it one of my trademarks!

Walking and talking can be a problem but I still do both at the same time anyway. Last night I walked with a friend for 30 minutes or so, talking every step of the way. It was dark, there are snakes out now and we walked to the beat of our own drum. I could have fallen down but I didn’t. If I had stayed at home, fearing the snake/fall it would still be morning and I would not have had a wonderful walk/chat.

I guess the point of this whole post is….I am not going to quit anything, even humiliating myself while gracefully falling off a very tiny bike! And you can’t make me!!!

Have a wonderful day.



2 thoughts on “Falling off my bike…laughing at myself!!!

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