Sunday Scribblings…the end of the season!

Are we aging gracefully? I don’t know. I do know that we are getting a little slow on the uptake. I love my friend Carol because she will work with me when I kid her. We laugh at ridiculous things that no one else even understands.

You have to understand that there are those of us that are always asking to find out what is true and what is not. We don’t get the joke, we don’t understand the conversation and we laugh just a little too late at a jab or a tease. Sigh!
I just don’t think that that is a good thing. How about you?

I have decided to not do things that are beneath me. I know, it sounds a bit pretentious. In my life I find myself pinching pennies and reusing everything until they are in shreds. I used to wear nice clothes and beautiful shoes. I did not shop in discount stores…in fact I disdained the idea of scrimping.

As retirement approached, I began to take store of how my life was going to be. Would there never be anymore beautiful clothes or lovely shoes? As it turned out, I still have beautiful clothes and shoes. But I have let myself get very stingy with myself and sometimes even with others. NO MORE! I am taking a new tack…I am going for quality and not quantity. I am giving anything away that is worn or not fitting when it is still useful. I resolve not to look tacky! I am beginning again! The clothes I will take to Goodwill tomorrow have been itemized. They are still very nice but just not working for me anymore. My closet is roomier and the drawers have room to spare. It feels so good.

We will leave Tucson on April 28. After a stop in Las Vegas, we will then go to St. George, Utah where we will stay for a week and play golf . We talk about it as though we have a hard life and need a little vacation before we go home. Don’t you believe it for one minute. We have a beautiful life, feel good and are not poor. What more could we ask for.

So on this Sunday our day has be lazy and relaxing. We sat on the deck to have lunch and dinner, went to a cocktail hour with the neighbors, washed a couple loads of clothes and read. I am a happy woman. What more can I say.

Have a wonderful week.



One thought on “Sunday Scribblings…the end of the season!

  1. I’m new to your blog and I was just having these same thoughts over the weekend. I’ve become so thrifty, I’m begining to feel like a squatter in my own home. It’s time to renew around here as well! thanks for the inspiration.

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