Indulging the old cranky man/woman? I am saying YES!

Carole on her bicycle


Old men (and women) can become very cranky. Giving in to their aches and pains or simply forgetting social skills because they are alone can make them hard to deal with. If they were cranky when they were young they are still cranky. Those of us that wander around in a cloud are startled awake occasionally by these people. I am never sure if I should indulge them like I could a naughty child, turn my back and swear an oath or simply pretend I don’t care which would be nothing if not deceitful.

My friend Carole and I had decided to sit in the shade during a bocci ball game one day. As it turned out we were on a big corner lot that we assumed was part of the park shared property. Our conversation was very serious as I recall and Carole always swings her feet back and forth making a hole in the ground in front of her. On this particular day there were people in China saying “Enough already!” She was upset so the hole was very deep.

After the game was over the little man that occupied the park model on the property came out. We were both surprised because we actually had guessed that no one lived there. It certainly didn’t look like it. “I hope you didn’t mind sharing you shade,” we said. He was really mad. He grouchy and grumbled around as we rearranged the gravel back into place and folded up our lawn chair. “…no lounging around on my property…I told that Bob not to let people do that…get back here young lady. I want to have a word with YOU!” Carole was mad now. She road away on her bicycle as fast as she could go. I walked more slowly in the opposite direction. I knew he had her in his sites and had forgotten me.

We are not young so one of the things we know for sure that is that old people should not be cranky…after all we are old! But Carole was really mad. She got home and stomped around her house…”I wish I could push that old man down…I don’t care if he is using a cane…” And so it went. Then she began to giggle…”I am so bad! I guess I need to be nice huh?”

There you go. I decided on nothing! I would do nothing. I would not complain to anyone. I remember that lying t save some ones feelings is okay…it is not deceitful at all. If the subject came up I would inquire about his health. After all, I may be an old poop someday myself…oh my goodness, God help us all!!!

Have a great day.



9 thoughts on “Indulging the old cranky man/woman? I am saying YES!

  1. Good 1 b.Yes old people sometimes turn out to be cranky but they are also the most wonderful of us all.A little bit f experience,sometimes cuts some patience.And yes anthony,rightly said,feel superior through our own politeness~Harsha

  2. Funny. Very funny. I used to be a geriatric social worker, and am doing everything I can to remain healthy because not all afflictions have to be. Some you just can’t help but you can always help your attitudeI always say god invented blogs to get the anger out–and I’m sure I’m offending somebody but…

  3. My philosophy: If they’re cranky with just you, it’s personal. Be mad if you’ve got the time and energy for it. But if they’re cranky with everyone, meh, let it go. And let us all hope others indulge us similarly. 🙂

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