Sunday Scribblings…just down the road!

Sunday Scribblings: Follow

…just down the road is the place we all know…safe and quiet…
if we can only reach the door.

Follow me…it is just down the road a bit.
Come on, trust me, I know where I am going.

I never was good a following. I can find my way.

Follow me…everything is fine.
Trust me, I will keep you safe.

I never was good at following.
I can keep myself safe…
that is why I will never follow.

I will follow you where ever you go.
I trust you completely.
We will both be safe.

Don’t follow me.
I don’t trust you to lead.
I can’t trust you to follow.
Please follow or lead someone else.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings…just down the road!

  1. “… but instead walk beside me and just be my friend” – your post recalls to my mind a verse about friendship that ended thus — i enjoyed this dialogue verse and remarked to myself how comfy it felt – nice post!!!

  2. Thank you all…I loved your ideas. Jody… yes it is just nice to follow sometimes and I do love to do that. I also loved the idea of walking beside you…to neither follow nor to lead. My husband and I try that a lot. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.My best to you all.b

  3. This sounds as if it could be an internal struggle with someone’s faith. Many ways to interpret this. On further thought, that someone could be me!: )

  4. Wonderfully put! From what I gather, after reading this entry, you have tried both following and leading with quite a few people in your life, only to be let down in one way or another. Now you’re dismissing your faith in them because they have proven your trust wrong.I do agree with the comment above in that it does seem like a religious struggle, as well.Well done!Angela

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