How to Choose a Weather Person…Sunday Ramblings!

Our daughter and her children in the Portland Rose Garden. A sunny day in Portland, Oregon. Our oldest son was married here.

A Only the Good Fridays post…on Sunday.

Do you have a weather person that you prefer? Do you say to your spouse, “Turn on Channel KATU. Let’s watch Rhonda do the weather?” You don’t? Well we do.

In Portland, Oregon Channel KATU employs Rhonda Shelby for the morning weather forecast and we love to watch her. Now you may ask, “What difference does it make…the weather is the weather!” I am telling you now it does make a difference. Rhonda make us feel better about a rainy day.

How does she do that? Well here is the way it goes. In Portland the sun may only come out at 3:00 pm and the temperature may climb to 70 degrees for a short period of time. If your cup is 3/4 empty that is not a good thing. But in Rhonda’s case we don’t hear that the weather will be in the low sixties for most of the day. We will hear that the weather will be warm in the afternoon…near 70 degrees.

It does not matter whether the sun actually comes out or if it climbs to 70 degrees. We feel hopeful about the day and we believe that the sun WILL shine soon.

As a result of Rhonda’s positive take on life, we enjoy our day, we feel like the sun is shining even when it does not. Our cup is full to overflowing. We are grateful for her and the truth she tells without dwelling on the negative.

Have a wonderful week and choose you weather person carefully.



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