Grandma and Grandpa…Bickering along!

Grandpa Earl…taken by Grandma Barbara
Getting along perfectly. This is just a story! REALLY!


When Grandma came to visit she generally brought Grandpa along. The children loved when he came. FUN was what they called Grandpa. He loved to tease and rough house and he dumped the dirt out of his shoes on the living room floor. He was more like them…Grandma wasn’t.

They bickered, Grandma and Grandpa. They bickered about how late Grandma slept. They bickered about the expressions on Grandpa’s face. It made the children nervous when Grandma got mad at Grandpa. They knew he was fun and they were a little afraid that Grandma would make him mad and then the trajectory of that mad feeling might come swinging their way. It hadn’t happened yet but, being children, they knew how that sort of stuff worked. First Grandpa would dump his shoes on the carpet, then Grandma would hollar at him, then Grandpa would hollar at them and then they would have to hollar at the dog or the cat. Actually, the last living creature down the line got the brunt of it all. The day could go bad pretty quick.

The children had come to the conclusion that it was better when their grandparents came alone, leaving the other at home. Grandma would clean and bake cookies. That was good. When Grandma stayed at home and Grandpa came they would wrestle around, walk through the weeds, throw rocks in the river and then come back home and eat ice cream.

Yes, they had decided. Separate those two and you would have fun…let them come together, well, you had better run and hide.



12 thoughts on “Grandma and Grandpa…Bickering along!

  1. OH so much truth to this! Very entertaining, and yeah, we have LOTS of folks better separate than together in our lives! Keeps our dog and cat critters happier too! -Meg

  2. Thank you so much guys. My father REALLY did dump the dirt out of his shoes on the carpet…a trait I did not notice until I was 30 years old. How did my mother tolerate that? But then they were perfect together…no bickering there!b

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