Only the Good Fridays!

Only the Good Fridays:

When I visited my Twitter page yesterday (Friday) I noticed that TGIF was one of the hothothot topics. Students, workers, parents and pretty much anyone in the Christian world views Friday as the perfect day of the week…anticipation fills big and little hearts on that day. Students love the idea that they can sleep extra late or have a sleep over with a friend. Parents are looking forward to a leisurely cup of coffee and the paper or cartoons with little children!

I had to smile…I am retired and have been for 12 years. Everyday is a Good Friday! Yes, indeed, Friday is one of the better days of the week.

Have a wonderful weekend!



One thought on “Only the Good Fridays!

  1. friday is just another day to me,, but i like your idea of every day being a good friday.. i have been off work and feel as if i should be more grateful for all the free time i have….

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