Disconnected Reality…what they used cost everyone!

The appliances did not work when they woke up on Tuesday. None of the appliances worked. The lights worked, the plug-ins that did not have an appliance plugged into them worked. But the appliances did not work. Refrigerators, stove, microwave, toaster oven, washer, dryer, curling iron, razor, garage door opener, furnace and on and on.

Hair standing on end, unshaven, hungry, late to work and school, they stood in the living room shivering in front of the gas fireplace that would not blow the heat out into the room. How were they to get through the day without electricity to run their lives?

The families eyes snapped open in unison…they were not in the living room. It had been a dream, a family nightmare or inconvenience. What would they do? They had been disconnected from the reality that only a nightmare could make real. Shrug, yawn, sigh, smack, creak, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. “Is it cold in here…I just had the weirdest dream.”

“Really! I’m curious, what was it?”

“The appliances…”

“The appliances?”

“…did not work.”

“Oh, my goodness…do you want toast or pancakes?”



6 thoughts on “Disconnected Reality…what they used cost everyone!

  1. When I was sixteen I spent a summer with my Dad in the Caymans. He was building his house back then and was still far from finished. There was no electricity and no running water. It was like camping in a house. Kerosene lamps lit the night and water from the well was what we used to wash the dishes and bathe. Luckily, my aunt and uncle lived right up the path and that is where I would sometimes go and take showers and lull myself into happiness. When you are used to these “amenities,” you never realize how much you have come to depend on them. It was a learning experience in gratitude.

  2. i, for one, would never have made a good pioneer – i’m too spoiled by the amenities, and i’d feel disconnected in more ways than one if i were to be without them — we had a power failure last week and i was soooo bored i just went to bed – what a softie! – great concept, a family group dream – much enjoyed!!!

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