You Just Think Way Too Much…rappelling off the cliff!

My daughter-in-law and I had a conversation the other day. She had just finished a day climbing, traversing a canyon and rappelling down a mountain. She was part of a China Alive tour with students from Shanghai American Schools. They were in Yangshuo Country. I learned a very good lesson from her.

The Doctor:

“So how are you feeling?” he asked. My doctor is a very nice man. He always listens and cares about how I feel. When I say “I just feel wonky!” he doesn’t laugh at me or get cranky. I like that. He will sooner or later say to me like every other doctor has for the last 67 years “I know how you are Barbara so I am going to tell you everything right up front.” I like that too.

The thing is I think my doctor should add one phrase to his bag that would help me…”you just think about how you feel way to0 much!” he should say. Yes, I think he should say that once in a while.

The Lesson:

That brings me back to my daughter-in-law…she had climbed the cliffs face and traversed across the canyon and was getting ready to rappel down the cliff when she looked down and realized how far up in the air she was. She sobbed and clung to the edge with all her might. The guide looked startled and then realized the problem. “You have a family don’t you? I don’t have one but I hear that make a difference. The problem here is you just think way too much. Now get down off this cliff so the next person can go!” There you have it! Obviously she did it because I talked to her in her hotel room the next morning.

So this is the way it goes. Poke, poke, sniffle, think, think, think. We open our eyes and we think…are we happy, do we want to go for a walk or do we want to sit on the couch all day, is the asthma acting up, how are those joints/eye/hips,stomach problems???? We just think way too much!!! I am saying we should QUIT doing that. Open our eyes wide, smile at the day, do what we need to do and assume that we feel fine. Just put one foot in front of the other or rappel down that mountain. There are people waiting in line. No procrastination, no moaning, no poking or prodding our body or psyche. Just say hooray the grass is under me and not on top, I have___________ to be grateful for. It might be the toilet or the covers on the bed! Hooray!

The Conclusion:

So I have decided not to do that examination of my life/body/happiness when I wake in the morning. So my asthma is acting up, so what. I will not get well feeling down. I will recover either way…I choose to not fret about it.

That’s what I think!


2 thoughts on “You Just Think Way Too Much…rappelling off the cliff!

  1. that is and probably always has been my problem, i think way too much.. i am concentrating my efforts on not thinking so much especially after a couple of posts i read yesterday really struck a chord with me and made me think how lucky i am and that any depression or sadness i feel is more than likely a result of my own thinking!!!!

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