Grandma…babysitter extrordinaire!

You know I love being a Grandmother…it just lights my fire!!! I cannot be dreary on a day spent with grandchildren. I embrace the day with wild abandon. No timidity here!!

Today I spent the day with my youngest grandson, Brayden. Brayden is 14 months (1), walks like a trooper and has been walking since he was about 10 months old. He loves the Muppets beyond belief and knows his baby sitters name . He knows other words but I don’t know what they mean. I have not figured those out yet.

He calls books “duck” but he also will call a duck “duck”. His food is nu-ma-na. But so is the Muppet show only with a melody. The jury is out on both of those words and things could go either way. He understands “no” and will point out which things are…well forbidden. It might be that I should not touch those either. He has two speeds: Stop and Go. There is nothing in between. His blanket really should always have a pacifier with it but I can tell that the pacifier will be going away before long because it is kept out of sight most of the time.

He loves to help and vacuuming the floor demands that he have his very own broom of some kind. He is easily fooled and I am ashamed to say that I gave him the Swifter mop with no cloth. He didn’t care even a little.

His two pug dogs are the love of his little life. He will throw the ball for them and would love to sleep on their bed but it is very hairy this time of year. It is a “no” as are the pots filled with soil sitting on the outside table. I laughed when he pointed that out to me. The dog water is a hazard and he fell bottom first into the container after he had stepped in it earlier. It was hidden under the arm of the barbecue but that didn’t matter. He found it anyway. The dogs didn’t care all that much. I, on the other hand, broke my glass trying to catch him. Sigh! Grandma made a bigger mess that Brayden did. I gave him back to his family with only one little scratch on his forehead…really he only cried a little.

I only broke one glass, locked myself in with the child safety gate and tried to fill the coffee maker only to find that my son had left it ready to be turned on and was already full. That mess only took two dish towels. I did not have to call anyone for help and let me tell you that can opener was designed by a really mean person. But I did get the can open and I did have soup for breakfast.

All in all I considered the day a great success. And yes, I did used to do this with my hands tied behind my back. So what is your point?

So that is how my day went.



2 thoughts on “Grandma…babysitter extrordinaire!

  1. Oh, this post made my heart smile. Good job, Grandma! I just had a week with my eldest Granddaughter and am about to blog it for “Only the Good Friday”. Stop by Thorne’s World again soon. It was lovely to hear from ya!

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