Sunday Scribblings…Absurd!

Sunday Scribblings…Absurd

I’ve told about my friend that does not like too much excitement in her life. She doesn’t like a movie with too much action…it scares her and her husband has to take her home. A food with more spice than required will stick in her throat. There are usually no absurdities in her life.

We would not change her…even if we could. We all thought she was doing just fine the way she was. But then one day she did something that made us all draw in our breath and then exhale in unison. It was the car you see. She knows how to drive it but cannot find her way around town. We have gotten used to that. I have never ridden with her but her husband will not let her drive when he is in the car. I understand she can go very fast in the wrong direction for a long time. Hundreds of miles I am told. We expected that this sort of thing would happen.

Then this spring she was out shopping when an unusual clunk began happening in the back of the car. She knew she needed help so she headed for home…across town….in traffic. The clunk got louder with each block until the clunk changed to a grinding sound and, even with power steering, she could not guide the car. She pulled to the curb and called her husband.

The tire was absolutely gone. Inside, outside, perimeter…gone. She knew she was in big trouble, there would be lots of excitement and we would all have something to say about it. Now my friend is very careful with her money. When her husband pointed out how much it would have cost to get a flat tire fixed compared to what a new one would cost all she could say was, “That is just absurd!”

In this particular instance we all had to agree!



3 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings…Absurd!

  1. i never have understood people that just keep driving on a flat tire.. it is so easy to repair and you can always just get help changing it if you have a spare…..

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