Fiction Friday….It was her first time….

This was suppose to be a post for Fiction Friday but somewhere along the line I used the wrong prompt. Let’s just pretend that she kept this adventure a secret…it was a private matter between her father and her self.

It was her first time in the city. She had already tried to open the locked revolving door. A watchman had come and told her to STOP! She had pressed all the buttons in the elevator and her father said STOP! It all scared her just a little.

Her father had made arrangement for meeting in case they were separated in the crowds. That scared her just a little too. She had no plans for leaving his side. After all it was her first time in the city.

She had never seen buildings so high or cars so close or people in such a rush to get someplace. She was accustomed to visiting with the clerk and speaking to everyone she passed. She had the urge to meet each approaching face with a smile but the others did not meet her with a return smile. It scared her just a little.

She loved the piano accordion player crouched on the corner with a monkey sitting on his shoulder and a cup for money in front of his accordion case. He moved from corner to corner around the city. She saw him everywhere she went. There were no piano accordion players where she came from. She wanted to ask what the instrument was and when she turned to speak to her father he was not there. There was a gasp and as she turned to look at the man and the monkey, the piano accordion player slumped forward and the monkey ran away.

The men came in a van and took the man away. That was where she and her father had agreed to meet. She was to find the moving piano accordion player where ever he happened to be sitting and he would find her. “Just follow the sound” he said, “and I will be there.” But now the sound was gone. What would she do? It was her first time in the city. And she was very afraid.


3 thoughts on “Fiction Friday….It was her first time….

  1. Hi Barbara!! welcome back stranger – its been – well – a very long time since I have seen you about the blogosphere!I loved that you included our dear friend the piano accordion player as well. Your keen sense of space and setting is obvious as your love of travel and sharing your experiences.Visitors can find my entry at

  2. That poor damn accordion player, will his torment never end? Anyway, I enjoyed it. You captured well the sense of the young child's stream of thought. I liked the way you wrote those STOP!s, which was very evocative as kids never remember something so much as being told not to do something. Very enjoyable indeed.

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