Woodstock and The Moon

I love the book store…for me it is where life in other worlds resides. I can be anywhere in the world or in time while I am reading a wonderful book. Today, however, it was the book store itself that took be back to another time when I was much younger and our country was in great turmoil

I was wandering about trying to decide what books to buy for grandchildren when I notice two displays…one for the 40th anniversary of mans landing on the moon (July 21, 1969) and the other for the 40th anniversary of Woodstock (August 15-18, 1969)! I had forgotten that the two happened withing less than a month of each other. Here you have the opposite ends of the spectrum…our government at it’s best while being involved in the worst war ever, Viet Nam and the peace movement at it’s finest protesting that very war. It just hit me again…the unrest, dissatisfaction, the anger and then the pride we all felt when man landed on the moon. I was 28 at the time and had two small children. I can only say that the frustration I felt with our government was palatable and I am sure I wore it on my face. That walk down the aisles of our local book store brought it all back in a flash.

The sun shines here and it is very hot. I don’t know what the weather was in 1969 but I am sure that all of my contemporaries remember it as a long hot summer…in fact it was a long unsettling decade. We survived and I think our country is better for it. We learned some valuable lessons from that generation about honoring our service men, the effectiveness of peaceful protests and the value of volunteering for a cause. I hope that we never forget what it took to come out on the other side.

So here in the year 2009 I shopped. Grandchildren are growing up, our world is at war again. Sammy wanted the second book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and it seemed a good opportunity to do a little shopping. Life has a way of going on no matter what.



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