The Refrigerator…what is the price?





I must be absolutely certain that I have the facts right. It’s very important that, when I put the pitch in the newspaper ad that I be very accurate. I need to accentuate the good things and down play the bad. It needs to be just a little glamorous…bling is very important in this sort of thing. The ad will read like this:

A Monitor-style (General Electric format) refr...Image via Wikipedia

Free refrigerator with interior freezer, ice trays,shelves included. Used for storing beer and watermelon. Old but useful, you carry. Will fit on the top of your car. Recently cleaned. Painted beautiful green but could be repainted. May be antique. (wedding dress and kittens included.)

Seedless watermelon Purchased Feb.Image via Wikipedia

Anyone interested? This post is for Corina over at Wasted Days and Nights! 🙂



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