It Was As Big As a Car…Great White Shark in Oregon




I’m an Oregon person. It is not hot here in Oregon most of the time. The high today was 77 or something so you can see what I mean. And, if you are not from the moon, you might know that in the Northwestern United States it rains….a lot! Our state is very green and our ocean is cold…about 40 degrees. We don’t think of our Pacific Ocean as a habitat for sharks for that reason. We swim at the beach and felt pretty safe… from sharks at least. That is until yesterday when we discovered that the great white sharks have come to feed along the Oregon coast! Darn!

The story is that some recreational fishermen went out from Depot Bay on the central Oregon coast and were prepared to catch a few fish for dinner. When the boat pulled back into the dock a short time later, they had a crab pot net and a12 foot great white shark in tow. Thinking it was dead, they took it out of the water and dragged it into the parking lot where it came back to life, flopped around and tried to bite a bystander. The fisherman said when they pulled the line and the crab pots in they were really heavy. As the nets surfaced they saw a fish that “looked as big as a car”.

The bad thing is it is just so against the law to catch a great white shark and bring it home to the wife and kids. State and federal law officers are deciding what to do about this one as we speak. They took the fish from the men. Oregonians can plead ignorant in this particular case…we have rain and it may come down like cats and dogs. But sharks? Not so much. Now why do I think that maybe that when it come to the “law” no one cares if you are ignorant!!! Sorry!


Every thing I told you here should be qualified by the fact that I thought this was really funny and may have stretched the truth. I don’t want to jinx your faith in me. You will have to admit though that the capture of a Great White Shark does get ones attention!!!

Related article from KCBY located in North Bend/Coos Bay, Oregon


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