Adsense, the condom ad and a Kindle!

I advertise with adsense on my blogs because I want to buy a Kindle! When a reader clicks on an ad, I get a little money. I have a little over $50 accumulated. It doesn’t make the money roll in but until I find $50 laying around on the street I will continue to advertise. But sometimes when I look at the ad I am just a little shocked.

I have blocked those ads that encourage you to buy a bride in Thailand. I have tried to blog the s*&% and dating ads. But as soon as I get one hole in this plan plugged up another one appears. Today I looked at the blog and…you guessed it…the blog had attracted and ad for condoms. I will be adding that to my list of blocked items. I just think that the necessity for advertising of this sort of thing is tacky. And I blush to think that anyone will click on the ad and buy those things online because of me. My grandchildren even read this blog after all.

So I am sorry…I will take care of this problem today. All I want to do is sell some vacation time or maybe a book or two so I can buy a KIndle. Sigh!


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