Monday Update…nothing much!!

Sunday came and went with no post on Sunday Scribblings…adult was the word the girls chose this week. I guess it must not have lit a fire of creativity in me because I passed and posted a blog on the proposed health care legislation…again. I swore I would be quiet and then I made the mistake of down loading H.R. 3200 on my computer. Now when I get an email or see and article with a claim that I believe is untrue, I go through and see if I can find the information I need. It is very hard but keeps me from wandering aimlessly in the street, knocking on people’s doors in search of the answers…not much better but still!!!

We have sold our motor home and my husband is out handing the wheels over to someone else as we speak…or as I write. I am so glad to be getting the lovely home on wheels out of our lives. We were ready a year ago.

The baby is staying with us today and tomorrow. He is such a little character and of course we think he is very smart. He does recognize the first letter of his name “B” which surprised me no end. He is about 17 months old. Best of all I love him so much. Once in a while he slips and calls me Mama which melts my heart.

Crab Cakes at Mccormick and Schmick’s
Fall is in the air. Temperatures are in the 70s or low 80s these days. This is the time of year we fall in love with Portland all over again. We ate dinner down on the Willamette

Good Morning, PortlandImage by StuSeeger via Flickr Portland Sunrise.

River Saturday night in a neighborhood called River Place. It was a very relaxing evening. Our local Mccormick & Schmicks has a restaurant here. No matter if you are in Las Vegas or Portland, Oregon the seafood is always wonderful at M&S. It is a beautiful setting for restaurants, hotels, condos bordered on one side by the river, the other by a green space, and on the south is the expanse of land that leads to John’s Landing, another neighborhood near the river. I could go down town everyday in the late summer.

We are giving up our membership at the country club next month and we sold our golf cart this morning. Now that little baby will be missed but we have decided that for what it costs us to keep up the membership all the months we are gone we could maybe do something a little more worthwhile…like play golf LOTS anywhere we want. I don’t know what my husband did with all things we had collected in it. We had owned it for 7-8 years.

So, I guess I am feeling lighter this afternoon. We are not ordinarily collectors of possessions. It seems we just slipped into this way of living without realizing it. Now we can move on to other things we enjoy.

Have a wonderful day.


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