Sunday Scribblings…The Lyrics of Her Song

Southern Oregon Coast
Bandon, Oregon
image by Barbara Torris

Sunday Scribblings…Poetry

The Lyrics of Her Song…

We all turned our heads as she walked down the beach
Poetry in motion…birds sang her song,
The long folding skirt clung to her body
Her graying hair tied back with a ribbon.

We all follow her sway as she walked past our place
Life worn proudly on her beautiful face
Blue eyes that saw more than they acknowledged
Bare feet covered with soft sandy foam.

We all reached to touch her as she glided away
Each yearned to grow to be her
A grace and dignity flowing outward to greet the day
Always a lady to turn heads…no matter her age.

We all watched…and learned.


I invite you to read Friday Fiction post from yesterday. A differ genre…the new reporter…an article writen by Anna Erickson of the Etta stories.

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