Three Word Wednesday…The Teeter-Totter

Disarm Engage Mayhem
The Teeter-Totter
it was the day for seeking a dream.
the mayhem of frustration left behind
was it possible to leave that
only to think on sweetness and light?
could it be that such a feminine path
would draw them all in?
would it disarm them
and engage their hearts?
inside our skin there is a piece of each kind
living the day with a mask cut in half
dressed black and white
Halloween costumed from the inside out
soft and malleable
hard and tough
tall and strong
lithe and sweet
finding a way to live
in peace trapped inside the shell
disarmed, engaged
keeping mayhem at bay.
the teeter-totter of life


9 thoughts on “Three Word Wednesday…The Teeter-Totter

  1. This hit me in such a way. The people we appear to be and the people we are. You've done such a great job of bringing out all the nuance in this. Well done.

  2. No one likes to be the guy who points out spelling mistakes, but this poem is excellent, and I think correcting them will make it shine that much brighter.I believe the words you want are "malleable" and "teeter-totter."Hope it helps, and keep up the lovely writing! 🙂Wreck

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