Burning Man: If I Had a Tattoo…

Sunday Scribblings

It said “Burning Man” in the news item at the side of my home page. I am fascinated by the fact that people actually might burst into flames for no reason at all…I think it is probably not true. So, when I saw the item called “Burning Man”, I had to look to see what it was all about. Especially since the comment was “I just thought it was a bunch of naked people running around.” Even I have to read and maybe write about this. I was not disappointed.

This is an event that was organized 23 years ago “when the first man was burned”. It does not invite booths and gawkers so the people that actually make the effort to attend need to be up for a hard party at the end of a dusty road. Located 140 from Reno in the Black Rock Desert, the happening forbids salesmen and wants to help people see what it could be like to live without capitalism. Bartering and sharing is the ideal of the organizers. (I guess the cell phone tower added this year was more about creativity than commercial interested!) Did I know about this counter culture art happening staged in the middle of the burning desert? Well, if I did, I had forgotten.

I should tell you now a real man or woman was NOT burned. For all these 23 years, an effigy has been built of a man…it is set on fire and becomes a “Burning Man”. Hence the name.

I do know where Reno is and, if I had a tattoo and could survive in the playa (an ancient dry lake bed) for several days in temperatures of up to 110, carry my mess out and, if I was a very creative artistic person that could build something spectacular, I would be there!!!! This just sounds like fun!



Images from wikipedia
Burning Man Project
First Timers Guide
Camp Nomadia at Burning Man


8 thoughts on “Burning Man: If I Had a Tattoo…

  1. yes i've heard of burning man but haven't been. i'm very curious though. not into the sex and drugs part but i hear you can create your own individual experience..

  2. BTW – it is a common misconception to think that Burning Man is about bartering and sharing. Actually, both are discouraged. The real magic of Burning Man comes from the gift economy, which is very different.Bartering assumes a negotiation and a trade – gifting tends to be one sided and with nothing expected in return.And sharing has an expectation that someone will share with you – gifting works best when you have no expectation.It is hard to understand the vastly different feel of this system until you experience it in action.You should try it!*grin* – ChrisPS: I am lacking in any tattoos, and so were most of the people in our camp. 😉

  3. Everything is a typo with me Chris!!! thank you for the heads up…I will correction it immediately. I loved the idea of the "gift"…the spirit of the idea is so perfect.Thank you for stopping by.b

  4. I was going to say that you don't have to be tattooed and that you don't trade or barter but it looks like Chris has that covered.I think it would be great too. My big problem is that I get migraines in the sun so being out in the desert wouldn't be good for me, I guess.

  5. Barbara — It looks like the link still has a typo in it. Corina – Don't worry about the sun. A lot of people who go to Burning Man sleep all day and only go out at night…. *grin*

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