Technomadia & Burning Man Gift Economy

Chris Dunphy from Tales from Technomadia had this to say about the Burning Man event in Nevada at the end of last month. Since I was writing only from what I could read (and comprehend?) I did not get it quite right. I loved what they had to say: Thank you Chris for the information.

BTW – it is a common misconception to think that Burning Man is about bartering and sharing. Actually, both are discouraged. The real magic of Burning Man comes from the gift economy, which is very different.

Bartering assumes a negotiation and a trade – gifting tends to be one sided and with nothing expected in return.

And sharing has an expectation that someone will share with you – gifting works best when you have no expectation.

It is hard to understand the vastly different feel of this system until you experience it in action.

You should try it!


– Chris

PS: I am lacking in any tattoos, and so were most of the people in our camp. 😉

Thank you Chris for the information.


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