The Angel Whisper…the kiss of a baby!

KimImage by Always at Home via Flickr The Graduation Kiss

If her mother had ever kissed her she could not remember. It just wasn’t the thing to do. Even her friends today would say that all that kissing and the obligatory “I love you” with every phone call just was not necessary. So why did she love a kiss on the cheek or a sweet brush of lips from a child? She had always wondered if other children were raised the way she was.

When the last child came her way, he was blond and sweet…his eyes were his fathers, blue and clear. A day of play was his perfect day. There was no requirement that “toys” appear. He just loved to play at life. The other two were older and the little girl would teach her mother about the words of love. The oldest would teach her that humor can make even the hardest day bearable but the little baby would teach her the lesson of the three kisses…one on each cheek and the last an angels whisper on her lips.

Her boundless love was never hidden. She had a husband that knew she was flawed but devoted. She had children that to this day say that their childhood was charmed. She always wondered if the kisses were as important to them as they were to her.

She didn’t miss the kisses that she didn’t get in her childhood until the last baby came. Then she realized what her mother had missed. So she always thought of asking for an extra one from each child and then sent that one heavenward. And that kiss was always the perfect third kiss.


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3 thoughts on “The Angel Whisper…the kiss of a baby!

  1. Oh, yes, the missing kisses were not missing but gained later, all stockpiled and taken and appreciated, with extras to spare saying profoundly thank you, blessings, thank you… : )

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