Do you believe in Angels?

Elena Birthday NightImage by Always at Home via Flickr

I spend the majority of each year in a place I love to call “The Waiting Room for Heaven”. We all are ‘of an age’ and each year is a gift. To say that we appreciate the sunrise would be not enough.

We live in little ‘doll houses’ my friend Carole always says. Each year when we return to our families we give up a little slice of youth. While we all know that family, home and the responsibilities and pleasures that come with that life, are what leads us to love the Waiting Room. On the ride back home each spring we will talk about how long before we can return and what we will do when that time comes.

Grandpa and Grandma's little engineer.Image by Always at Home via Flickr

So when I write about Angels, there must be one looking over my shoulder. I am not a religious person in the traditional sense of the word. My beliefs are mine alone and I would not dream of ever trying to convince someone to follow me. The sense of not being alone is very mystical to me. I don’t expect to go to heaven in the sky. I am simply grateful to live this one life. So where the Angel that sits by my grand children’s bed comes from is a mystery to me. Yet, somehow, it seems very possible. Could it be Love that lingers near by to take them safely to sleep or through pain? I do not know.

Here in the Waiting Room life goes on as expected. My friend Katherine needed a kidney transplant and was on dialysis. A living donor offered to help her and this summer what we had all hoped for happened. In this particular case, heaven can wait. She is truly a beautiful addition to our lives…a little angelic one might say.

We are now safely in our doll house for another winter. My friend Carole lost a very elderly (90) friend here in Tucson today so I will go and say good by for her on Thursday. Some might think that this sort of thing would make us sad or afraid or worried…after all we are facing the same thing. But aging happens only in the mirror. Our souls are young until the day we are through. But most importantly, we are happy.

The angel that guards the baby truly gives me a peace that all other things can not. So to answer my own question I guess the answer would have to be “yes” I do believe in Angels.

Please have a wonderful day. You can tell I miss my grandchildren but I know they are well and happy. We will be together again very soon.

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