Dancing in the Graveyard!

Deviant Art
©2009 ~mariano7724

He was dancing in the graveyard. The trucks were swinging in and out to avoid him but he just kept right on walking down that little white line. The police finally came but he just paid them a never you no mind. We don’t know what he was thinking but Lila called and said he had stormed out. Said he was real discombubulated and didn’t even stop when that old black cat went running in front of him. I think he was just spooked…that’s what I think.

You know Frog never did like this time of year…that day of the dead stuff just always did push him sideways. Then that there letter came in the mail this morning. Lila said it was from someone named Etta…you know her? She was someone he knew way back when. I think she must have been a secret love or something. I guess he thought she was gone to heaven you know…passed over we used to say. But then here was that there letter and then he just went walking out the door kinda nuts like.

I went on over to keep Lila company and I did take a little peek at the letter and there was a legal looking piece of paper and it had his name on it. There weren’t no money or anything like it inside but just words and numbers. You know honey I don’t read so good. Frog has been coming over and reading to me ever since he came here a long long time ago. His daddy was my third cousin.

So anyways honey he is back home now…sleeping like a baby. Tomorrow everything will be back to normal I suppose. I like it when that old Halloween is over and people quit dancing in the graveyard…taken chances is never a good idea.

Well I gotta go now…I have some other people I want to call.

Happy Halloween!!!!

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