A Prayer for Our Enemies

Yes my dear comment friends, we are going to have another grandchild at the end of February. A little boy will grace our family. On this day I wish that every child that were born into this world could be greeted with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents that were willing to love them like our new baby Brysen will be. We all intend to raise our children together…a village of sorts.

I might also add that I have decided to pray for those young and old people at war no matter their religion. If we live with intention we should know that those we call our enemies need our concerns too. Somehow, I think, this will help the hate to go away…in fact I will be doing this for anyone that despises me for one reason or another. It seems that rising to the bait and trying to convince another that they should believe what I believe does not help! I have chosen at other times in my life to think a kind thought instead of a hateful one even when I do not feel it. It has actually changed my relationship with people I thought I could never care about. So I for one will try to take a course of loving intention…that will be my choice!

With the intention of seeking peace
We pray for your heart
That it may see that we are
Not your enemy
We are your family.


Have a wonderful day!



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