IIIWW Karma, Obey, Wither…Living with Intention

Three Word Wednesday


Karma is the belief that the effects of a person’s actions can determine his/her destiny. Yesterday I wrote about living a life of intention. Rather than wandering about with the idea that “what will be will be” could it be that we can take certain actions that will change the way we feel, the way we react to situation and in fact might actually have more control over our lives? Do you believe that…do you believe we can change outcomes by doing things intentionally, even symbolically? Meditation probably is a good example of directing our energy toward those things we desire most. I, personally, have not come to grips with how our lives path is set out. I have never believed that I was in control…so is the belief that we somehow are controlling our destiny true? Can we control more of those events in our lives than we believe we can? Could it be possible that we can even effect our good fortune by living with the intention of succeeding? It is indeed a great mystery to mankind.

But when we obey those principles we hold dear…honesty, decency, kindness, industriousness to name a few…and act on them with intentional it could be that we are, in fact, changing our life path. That was what I spoke about yesterday when I wrote the short poem/prayer with the intention of speaking to those that would be my/our enemy…both close to home and far away. This practice of thinking loving thoughts about those that anger or frustrate me has always changed my attitude. And for some reason it also seems to be a two way street. So maybe it can help in other ways. The simple little prayer went like this:

With the intention of seeking peace
We pray for your heart
That you may see that we are
Not your enemy.
We are your family.


So whether I am feeling full and gloriously happy or old and withered, I will try to greet each day with the intention of seeking peace. That is at least one step. And I might add, I will focus more intently on goals and fully intend for those things that I desire to really happen. No more “what will be will be”. I will try. I am going to put the “karma” idea into practice. We will see. How about you?



5 thoughts on “IIIWW Karma, Obey, Wither…Living with Intention

  1. Interesting post. The concept of control can be something of a trap for some. I believe that Karma and Fate do exist together. It is what drives me to do the "right" things. However, I feel the desire to control all outcomes is futile. We must roll with the punches.

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