Karma vs Fate

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In yesterday’s post I talked about living with intention…the idea was that if you or I really are desiring to attain a particular goal then we will go about making that become a reality. Our Karma or energy and how we use it will determine what our destiny is.

Several people commented that they not only believe in Karma they also believe in Fate. Fate is that other side of karma…the side that is not in our control and has things happen totally by accident. Random occurrences. That would be those things like a car being hit by a rock falling from a cliff. If that person has hesitated for one second at anytime during their journey the rock would have fallen behind or in front of them and they would have escaped without harm. We have all know someone that had this happen to them. These things we accept without question because there are those things we cannot control…gravity, the rotation of the earth…we do all we can to avoid those freak events. But in spite of that “stuff happens”. So be it.

But I am talking about selling your house or getting a new job or even investing your money. On this day we know that our house, for example, is worth a lot less than it was a year ago. Now is the time to know that value is all relative…you may sell for less but you will buy for less. So the question is “Do you really intend to sell you house?” If that is what you truly intend then price it so it will sell…period. You need to truly intend to do what you set out to do. Life is not and never has been a matter of luck or pipe dreams. Living with intention is being true to reality and then setting the wheels in motion. I do not believe that greed pays or dishonesty will work. I would ask you “If you want a job, are you really trained for it and do you have the ability to do that job?” If you do then go for the job in earnest and believe in your own heart and mind that the goal is achievable then do it. Live with the intention. In the case of the house we can be pretty sure that if you set out to gouge someone, the house will not sell or if it does you will pay a price in one way or another. So, with the full intention of selling the house, price it right and you will sell immediately. Live with intention!!!

There are those of us that would like to write books…but unless we do our homework, have a truly unique and worthy idea it will not happen. If we want to do that, we need to find out how to go about it and then set out with true intention and focus. It will not happen by magic. Very few things do!!

So Karma, those things that we do that determine our destiny and fate, those thing that happen with out our control do walk, hand in hand. People that are truly talented and focused AND are treated kindly by fate are those people that we call lucky! The rest of us must work a little harder. But, I think, that we under estimate what might be possible. So I am your cheer leader and coach. Live with intention!!!

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