Parking Lot Magic!

We have a running joke at our house…the space in the parking lot by the front door belongs to my husband!!! A-la-Seinfeld’s Uncle Artie (a wild guess at his name) no one can believe my husband has gotten the best parking spot in the lot.

I on the other hand have always just giving in to the fact that the lot is full and, if the lot has 20 stories, I will be parking on the 20th story in the rain. I am a simple woman and easy to please so I have really never minded. Not until last Saturday that is. On that day I changed my mind. It came to me that I would like to parks in a better spot. I said to myself, “I am going to park in front” and when I drove around the corner, there it was…my husband parking spot waiting for me. 🙂 I love when that sort of thing happens. It is living with intention + magic! Wow!!!

This story really has no beginning or even an ending but it does amuse me. I guess that it is just plain ordinary, every day stuff that will make me (and maybe you) laugh. AND I know for sure it is true.

Have a wonderful “Carry on Tuesday“!

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